How to pick the best lip liner colour for your lips

Have your lips looking luscious with the best lip liner pick

Lip liner combinations
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Makeup was the best thing to happen to ladies, it makes blemishes disappear and conceals acne, not entirely but most of it.

It even makes women look younger. The problem comes in when one picks products that do not work well with their completion.  


For instance, when it comes to layering one's lips some ladies pick a liner that is not for them.

And when this happens instead of one looking flattering it ends up giving cult. 

If you are struggling to pick out the perfect lip liner here is a simple tip that will have you in and out of the cosmetic store in no time. 


The shade of your nipple is the best color for your lip liner. 

If one's nipples are a very light color, nude or light pink liner works best. If they have two different colors, a combination of the colors will do the trick.

In the case that your nipples are brown and pink mix those same colors for your liner by layering them.

You could first line your lips with the pink liner then proceed to line them with the brown one or vice versa.  

And you might be thinking how will that work given that your nipples changes color according to the weather.

You my friend are a lucky one, both colors will work well no matter the period.  

A lip liner gives an illusion of fuller lips and makes your lipstick or gloss last longer. 

One of the things people mostly rant about is when they see a lady's face looking different from the way it normally looks. 

It is always blamed on Botox and other plastic surgery procedures. 

And as much as for some that could be the case, for others, it is just makeup.

Yes, makeup can alter the shape of your eyes, you can make them smaller, bigger, rounder, doe, or siren.

You can also alter the shape of your cheeks bones and jawline with proper contouring tricks.

Get this, it also works for your nose. With proper shading and highlighting your nose can look shorter, slimmer, or more pointy.

Nicki Minaj is one of the celebrities who has ever been rumored to have fixed her nose until she went on an interview with Extra TV and clarified that it was makeup.

"People see my makeup and they think all types of crazy things I'm doing to my skin and it's just makeup, they will see contour and think you had surgery on your nose, look at tutorials and you will see how you can make your nose look whatever shape you want," she said.

All you need to know is how to play with your makeup brushes to achieve the face you want. 

The motto is to confuse people, always.  

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