How to make your white clothes last longer

Wash whites with baking soda or white vinegar

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White clothes are one of the most important basics to have in one's closet. They give an elegant and classy look and the fact that they do not absorb heat, one's body is left feeling cool.

It is also associated with cleanliness and it gives a sense of reassurance, that is why medical practitioners wear white coats.

Whites are also reflectors, therefore, making your skin look brighter which in turn hides those dark circles.


They can be very messy at times especially when you do not take good care of them.

Here are a few ways that can keep whites looking white: Firstly, separate them from the colored then start by washing the dark colors as you work your way up to the white ones.

Given that you might use bleach in your white load, doing them last reduces the chances of spillage as you transition. Secondly wash them with baking soda or white vinegar, preferably two cups of either, do not mix the products.


According to Amanda Morris, a chemist in Virginia Tech University, mixing backing soda and vinegar will cancel each other out.

If you remember your chemistry lessons well, mixing a base and an acid produces salt and water or a neutral solution. In this equation soda is the base and vinegar is the acid.

Another way to keep your white clothes looking white is by using warm or hot water, unless the directions of the cloth tag says otherwise.

High temperatures are effective at removing bacteria.

Also wash your whites inside out to reduce the rate at which they may fade.

Avoid using chlorine bleach, this is because it damages the fabric of white clothes and overtime it will end up leaving rust stains. Coming in next is wearing them less.

Constantly having your white outfits on will eventually make them turn grimy, this might be a yellow or grey like stain.

Keep away from washing them with in wash fabric softeners, they buildup residue that will discolor them.

Finally, remember to keep the area for washing whites clean, be it the washing machine or bucket.Read Also: