Kenyan celebs with Instagram accounts for their kids (part ii)

Many celebs are using social media as a way to invest in their children's futures

Kenyan celebs that have an Instagram account for their kid
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With Instagram being one of the social media applications that most Kenyans spend their time on, a couple of celebrity parents decided to open an account for their children.

Here is the second list of Kenyan celebs with Instagram accounts for their kids:

Pierra Makena and Ricca Pokot Gitonga
Image: Instagram

1. Pierra Makena

The DJ, actress and TV personality Pierra Makena is a mother to one beautiful Ricca Pokot Gitonga.

The single mother opened an account for her 6-year-old daughter in March 2022.

The princess has 52 posts with 23.4K followers and is only following her mother back.

Her posts have photos and videos of her emulating her mother as a DJ, celebrating birthdays, rocking pretty fits and generally having a good time with Makena.  

In addition to this, Ricca has a TikToK account at riccapokotkenya.

The DJ has not yet disclosed who her baby daddy is but she has talked about him in several occasions.

Tanasha Donna and Naseeb Junior
Image: Instagram

2. Tanasha Donna and Diamond Platnumz

The musical couple have a son together, Naseeb Junior.

His mother opened an account for him in August 2020.

The three-year-old has 9 posts with 245K followers and follows four people back.

His parents, Jocelina Montenegro a fashion designer and model based in Angola.

The model used to be Tanasha’s best friend before they fell out in 2021.

The last person Naseeb follows is Dylan Abdul Naseeb, Hamisa Mobetto’s son.   

Terence Creative, Milla Mwihaki Netai and Milly Chebby
Image: Instagram

3. Milly Chebby and Terence Creative

One of the best influencing couple in Kenya was blessed with a four-year-old daughter, Milla Mwihaki Netai.

On Milla's Instagram account she has 529 posts with 76.4K followers and only follows her parents back.

The account is managed by both parents.

Milla is already branded as a “Kids Products Influencer”

On her bio she has a YouTube link that leads you to a video of Terence Creative sharing how he wanted a baby boy.

The Wa Jesus Family
Image: Instagram

4. The Wa Jesus Family

The content creators Milly and Kabi have two children, Reign Taji Kabi and their one-year-old daughter who they are yet to reveal her name.

The couple is also careful not to show their daughter's face when posting on social media platforms. 

At the moment they only have an account for their son with 474 posts and 198K followers.

The boy follows 11 people back who are mostly close relatives to the Wa Jesus family.

In Taji’s bio the words “I run my own account” are one of the few things that is written.   

Sky Muriu, Benito Muriu and Carey Priscilla
Image: Instagram

5. Carey Priscilla and Benito Muriu

The content creator Carey Priscilla and her husband were graced with two children.

They recently gave birth to their second boy early this month.

The couple only has an account for the first son, Sky Muriu who is 2 years of age.

He has a total of 117 posts with 11.3K followers and only follows his parents and his mom’s beauty brand.

The first time they showed Sky’s face on social media was after he was six months old.

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