How to clean Suede shoes with little to no effort

Society has normally taught us that if you want to clean anything drown it in a pool of water.

Suede shoes
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Suedes are shoes that can go with all your outfits making them essential in your closet, the problem is when it comes to cleaning them.

Given that they are a little pricy, ranging from about Ksh 1,500 to Ksh 3,000 for good quality, it would be best to learn how to effectively clean them so that they can last longer. 

Society has normally taught us that if you want to clean anything drown it in a pool of water.

But when it comes to suede shoe water is the quickest way to ruin them.

This is because the shoe fabric absorbs water causing the stains to settle in.

At all costs avoid using water to clean them.

If one cannot afford the specific tools that are used to clean suede, a couple of household items work just fine.

How to clean suede shoes
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First, use a dry microfiber cloth to remove the loose dirt.

Why this? The type of fabric on a microfiber cloth is the best to use because it does not leave lint behind.

Then get a brush with firm bristles, and brush gently through the shoes in one direction to remove dirt that was left behind.

The brush bristles dive in therefore helping to clean out and straighten the shoe fibers.

By the time you are getting to this point, there is a high chance that your suede shoe is already ready to go.

Easy right?

If they still have stubborn dirt get a regular eraser, the ones you used back in school.

Rub gently on areas that have tough stains and if that fails you can substitute it for a nail file. 

Get a regular one that is used in nail studios and parlors, it roughly goes for a hundred shilling.

File back and forth on the areas that still have dirt to get rid of them.

If the color seems to be fading off you can always get a Kiwi Suede Cleaner Neutral and apply it regularly to boost it.

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