Black male model.
Image: Antonio Dillard for Pexels.

The lavish lifestyle that some Kenyan men are enjoying has lately come under question. We are no longer asking girls how they make it in life..we all know.

Now our focus has shifted to young men. They are living large and leading Kenyans online to make wild guesses how they are able to afford the baby boy lifestyle.

We have curated for you a list of signs that suggest a man is kept by a mumama or sometimes a mubaba, if that's his kind of thing.

1. Physically, they are well groomed. He is everything girls want. He is tall, lean and trim. No mumama is keeping a pot bellied man. The baby boy looks like he goes to the gym, dresses very well and to cap it off he smells nice.

Oh and jewelery is a plus for this type of kept man.

2. He has no discernible talent, apart from looking good.

3. The mumama is most times more well-known than he is.

4. Their women defend /speak up for them, in cases where he dates a famous woman.

5. They might live in Ruaka or along Thika Road...Add your own.

6. They love to quote God as source of success whilst waking up at 11 am.       

7. Their social media Bio reads things like 'forex trader'.

8. They have very many mirror selfies on their social media accounts.

9. They don't post anything about love. Love is for the birds.

10. They don't pick late night calls, because mumama or mubaba is around.

11. They only party till 8 pm. This goes hand in hand with them making excuses about how they need to suddenly leave for an emergency that has cropped up

12. They are chronic iPhone users. Preferably ile ya macho tatu...

13. Most have visible tattoo's, especially those on their arms.

14. They have numerous photos of exotic locations they have been to and the drinks they were imbibing while there.

15. They are most times younger than the women they date. (Duh, off course!)

Kama una zingine, feel free to add. This list was made in minutes, so hatujaweka zote.