A couple together
Image: Solie Jordan from Pixabay

A study conducted by the company Research and Insights Group has revealed that at least two marriages out of every three marriages in the country have witnessed a case of cheating within the last year.

The Report findings published on 3rd July 2023 are below;

Section 1: Intimate Partners


5% of respondents admit to having an average of 3 "intimate" partners at one time.

Section  2: One-Night Stands

1 out of 3 female respondents recently involved in a one-night stand with a random stranger without strings attached.


Section 3: Gender Disparity in Cheating

Out of everyone who had an affair, 48% of women were caught by their partners, compared to 39.2% of men.

Section 4: Once a Cheater, Always a Cheater?

A staggering 73% of men said "yes" to considering cheating again, while only 20% of women would consider it.

Section 5: The Verdict

Kenyan women are more likely to get caught cheating, or men are just really good at hiding it.

Section 6: Cheating Trends Across Relationships

60% of couples in "serious" relationships and 34% of married couples in Kenya openly admitted to cheating at least once since the year started.

Section 7: Kenyan Men and Cheating

Kenyan men have a higher tendency to cheat (58%) compared to women (42%), but the gap is narrowing.

Section 8: "Ben 10" and "Mama Wa Harrier" Relationships

Surprisingly, 30% of Kenyan women have cheated with younger men, known as "Ben 10," seeking young, energetic, and exciting partners.

Section 9:  "Mpango wa Kando" Relationships

75% of women engage in "Mpango wa Kando" (side relationship) for financial favors while keeping a younger guy as the "real" boyfriend.

Section 10: Workplace Affairs

Five out of six affairs start within the workplace due to shared deadlines, coffee breaks, gossip, and "working late."

Section 11: Vulnerability to "Online Flings"

Approximately two in every five girls and one in every three guys admit to spontaneous encounters, showing women's vulnerability to "online flings."

Section 12: Friends with Benefits

60% of Kenyan men admitted to cheating on their partners with a friend who comes with benefits.

Source: Data published By Research & Insights Group Ltd.