'Dead' woman found breathing in coffin at own funeral
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A member of a particular church shocked the radio station's listeners by recounting an incident that occurred at the place of worship.

The man, a carpenter who builds coffins, went to church as usual for the Sunday service, according to the message that was read aloud on the radio on the morning of September 25.

Following the sermon, the pastor invited the church members who had special needs to come to the altar and make a request that they wanted the pastor to make on their behalf to God.


In front of the altar, the carpenter man respectfully made his request.

"He went to church and told the pastor, please pray for my business to prosper because the business had declined," part of the message was read by the announcer.

The pastor promised to pray for him, but first he inquired about his business to help him organise it before he asked God to intervene.


The carpenter's outspoken request for prayers to help his business of building and selling coffins prosper since it has recently been suffering from a shortage of customers—the deceased—stunned the Servant of God.

"Customers don't come and I don't get the income to meet my needs like before. Please put me in prayer so that the business will rise again. My business is a coffin maker," he said to the shocked pastor and hesitated while the crowd fell into an uncomfortable silence.

What should the pastor have done?