A woman dripped out
Image: Juan Mendez

Drip Fest is back again and this time is bigger and better than the previous edition earlier this year. The event is a place to flaunt your amazing fashion styles.

The good thing about fashion is Big is never a problem. You can go crazy and as long as you style it well just know you got yourself an outfit of a lifetime.

Drip Fest oufits
Image: Maycon Marmo

The good thing about Drip Fest is that the best-dressed person will be featured in Kiss's articles     


For the worst dressed don't worry we still got you covered on our Fan page segment where we jokingly make fun of your outfit.

Whatever you do make sure that you are the best dressed in the event we at Kiss are always watching and ready to highlight your flaws to the world.

My loyal reader don't panic I have some amazing outfits that you can put on, they'll be comfortable and also classy.

Drip Fest outfits
Image: Arianna Jadé

Since Drip Fest is a dancing event let's dress you up in a comfy yet stylish outfit that will make you be the spotlight of the event not forgetting the theme Art, Drip, and Music.

For the men you can decide to go simple yet casual, this doesn't mean you come out looking black ninja simple but on short cargo pants, a t-shirt with graphing some sneakers, and a denim jacket.

For those who like accessories, you can add a watch or a cap and you have a wonderful yet comfy outfit.

Drip Fest Outfits
Image: Radio Africa Events

For our beautiful ladies, you can either wear a cropped pull-neck, mono trench, and short skirt then top it off with some thigh boots. 

You can also wear a denim suit with a V-shaped T-shirt, and some sneakers and then top it off with a Choker necklace, some earrings, and a classy watch.

The drip festival will take place on the 8th of October at the Carnivore grounds. Dlala Thukzin will be the main attraction at the event. 

Tickets are available at www. ticketyetu.com.  Advance tickets go for 1500 shillings, a group of five goes for 6500 shillings and gate passes are 2000 shillings.

Drip Fest looks
Image: Andriana Svyryd