6 easy tips to help you stick to your resolutions this year

Cheers to a joyous 2024! May all your good wishes come true.

Image: Wikimedia Commons

It's that time of the year again when we trade chapatis for sukuma wiki and 'nyama choma' for morning jogs.

New Year's resolutions – we all make them, and by mid-January, we've usually left them in the dust. But fear not, because this year, we're doing it the Kenyan way – with a dash of wit, a sprinkle of humour, and a whole lot of determination.

1. Sukuma Wiki Savings Challenge:  In January, wallets often echo with the sounds of 'ka-ching' from holiday spending. Embrace the Sukuma Wiki Savings Challenge!


For every coin saved, treat yourself to a green, leafy victory. By December, you'll have a financial garden that's blooming with prosperity. Doesn't necessarily have to be sukuma, it can be any healthy green vegetable you enjoy like French beans or capsicums.

2. Matatu Meditation: Turning Rush Hour into Zen Hour Instead of swearing at the infamous Nairobi traffic, turn your matatu rides into meditation or reading sessions. Take a deep breath, ignore the hustle, and delve in whatever you've been promising to start but never do.

Work on your CV, that business plan... anything and everything because who said you can't find serenity in the midst of chaos?


3. M-Pesa Mindfulness: Budgeting with Bob Coloured Glasses Turn your financial woes into M-Pesa mindfulness. When you check your balance, imagine your last digit as a stylish accessory. If it's an 8, treat yourself to a snack; if it's a 2, opt for a budget-friendly lunch. Who knew budgeting could be this stylish?

4. Belt Your Resolutions to the Beat Why whisper your resolutions when you can belt them out like a Karaoke traditional vernacular champion? Turn your goals into catchy tunes and sing them loud and proud constantly reminding yourself what you are working towards.

This will help in motivation and helping you stick to what you set out to do when the year began.

5. Chai Challenge: Sip Success, Not Stress Swap your stress-inducing and wallet draining drinks for the Chai Challenge (or hot chocolate, coffee, fresh blended juice... the options are limitless) Each cup of your favourite drink is a moment of reflection and relaxation.

By the time you finish your first quarter, you'll be sipping success along with your favourite brew.

6. Simba Salads: Roaring into Fitness with Pride Roar into fitness with Simba Salads – a Kenyan twist on the classic salad. Toss in your favourite veggies, add a touch of pride, and watch your fitness goals flourish. Hakuna matata, just a plate full of health.

Remember, these resolutions are not just goals, they're a celebration of Kenyan spirit, and determination.

So, ditch the clichés, embrace the laughter, and let's make 2024 the year of resolutions that stick like kachumbari with smocha.

Cheers to a joyous 2024! May all your good wishes come true.

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