Hype Ballo
Image: Instagram

DJ Hype Ballo has been released from custody after posting a cash bail of Ksh500,000, as ordered by the Kiambu Law Court following his arrest.

He stands accused of the murder of Felix Nkitosi, an officer from the Directorate of Criminal Investigations.

DJ Hype Ballo was apprehended in March and awaits the final trial. His legal entanglement resulted in the unfortunate death of the officer.

Bail is a monetary sum set by the judge for the accused to pay in order to be released from custody while awaiting trial.

It allows the accused to resume their daily activities but requires them to attend all court proceedings until a final verdict is reached.

In this instance, Ballo has been granted temporary freedom as his case progresses through the court system.

He is obligated to attend his hearings, and his bail will not be returned until after the final adjudication.

On the other hand, a bond is an agreement entered into by an accused person in custody, pledging to comply with court conditions.

If the accused fails to meet these conditions, they may be required to pay the specified amount set in the bond.

Unlike bail, the money or security deposited for a bond is returned after the final hearing.

The incident involving Ballo occurred during a dispute with DJ Joe Mfalme and their driver, resulting in Nkitosi sustaining fatal injuries.

A week later, Nkitosi passed away from these injuries. During court proceedings at the Kibera Law Courts on April 8, the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) moved to drop charges against DJ Joe Mfalme and five others, recommending them to serve as state witnesses in Nkitosi's murder case.

However, Ballo was singled out by the DPP and remains on trial for the officer's murder.