A campus building
Image: 小鱼 余 from Pixabay

Transitioning from high school to college is a significant journey, much like a baby's development from an embryo to a full-grown fetus.

College life offers a different world full of freedom and exposure, which, if not navigated carefully, can lead to going astray.

In college, people encounter experiences and challenges they have never faced before. Here are a few common challenges faced by college students:

Marriage before marriage: College life can be tricky, often leading students to cohabit with their partners to make life more bearable financially and emotionally.

Sometimes, parents inadvertently push their kids into these arrangements by reducing financial support as their children progress in their studies.

Most of these pseudo-marriages end after graduation, though some survive if based on true love. Those that last typically endure significant trials and tribulations.

Unplanned pregnancy: As a consequence of these arrangements, many campus couples face unplanned pregnancies, forcing them into unprepared parenthood.

This situation often leads to considering abortion, as neither partner is ready to raise a child. It's crucial for parents to discuss these topics openly with their children, encouraging them to face the situation rather than resort to unsafe abortions, which carry the risk of death.

Starvation: Known as "Kuinama" among students, starvation is a significant challenge where students skip meals to save money.

Financial constraints, lack of support from parents, and rejection from close relatives contribute to this issue.

Fear of speaking up often leads to severe cases of malnutrition, sometimes resulting in death.

Parties and drugs: The college environment offers the freedom to make personal choices, leading many students to engage in partying and drug use.

Some use drugs to escape life's harsh realities or out of curiosity, while others do it for fun.

Research indicates that many people start using drugs in college, seeking to numb past pain or deal with current stress.

Depression: Depression among college students is alarmingly high, with many young people sinking into it without receiving help.

The pressures of college life can be overwhelming, leading to poor decisions and, in severe cases, suicide.

Sex: College is a time when many engage in frequent sexual activity. Some women use Steron pills to stop their periods and take Postinor-2 frequently, both of which pose significant health risks.

Navigating these challenges requires awareness, support, and open communication from both students and their families.