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Safe Milk Kenya believes that your health deserves the best, and that starts with safe and quality milk.

Pasteurized milk is guaranteed to be free from harmful levels of aflatoxins, antibiotic residues, and bacteria.

Why choose pasteurized milk? It is aflatoxin-free, antibiotic-free and bacteria-free.

Additionally, pasteurization, which involves heating milk to kill harmful bacteria, ensures that processed milk is safer for consumption by eliminating pathogens, thereby guaranteeing clean and healthy milk for all consumers.

Recently, Safe Milk Kenya launched a campaign dubbed "Know your Milk-Improve your Health." 

The initiative, co-funded by Bio Foods Products Ltd and USAID, aims to raise awareness among consumers and farmers on the impact of high levels of aflatoxin in milk on health, to provide training and advice on mitigation measures to reduce it towards a national outcome of better health for dairy consumers.