Pastor Robert Burale

Famed Kenyan Pastor Robert Burale, known for his straightforward preaching against the world's embrace of evils, has broken his silence on the Finance Bill amidst prolonged church reticence.

Led by Pastor Robert Burale, young men and women emphasized that justice is integral to Jesus and rejected the bill.

Burale and his group met in town; authorities advised them to march on pavements.

Before protesting, they prayed, sang, and then marched to voice concerns. Other pastors who rejected the Finance Bill had this to say:

Pastor Ng'ang'a

Pastor James Ng'ang'a

Controversial Pastor Ng'ang'a criticized MPs who voted Yes to the Finance Bill, calling them liars for breaking promises made to Kenyan voters.

"You must fulfill your promises; otherwise, you are a liar, regardless of who you are. If the government belongs to the people, listen to us.

When you enter Parliament, you take the entire country and judge as you wish," Pastor Ng'ang'a told his congregants.

"Life is hard, and you promised us motorbikes; even I am hurting. Do you think I don't suffer? I have people here who have nothing to eat, not even offerings."

Pastor Ng'ang'a also asked where people would meet on Tuesday, as he plans to join Gen Z during demonstrations.

Pastor T Mwangi

Pastor T Mwangi

Popular among Gen Z, Pastor T Mwangi relates well to this generation's desires and needs.

He recently addressed the Finance Bill, urging the government to listen to Gen Z.

"Today, I had a great conversation with Gen Z, trying to understand where they're coming from. I managed to speak to a young person who feels passionately about certain issues. It's clear some Gen Zs resonate with this vibe, while others don't," Pastor T explained.

According to him, there's a generation that witnessed parental oppression without action, and now a brave generation confronts oppressors.

Fans lauded his unwavering support, labeling him the Gen Z pastor.