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Medics for Kenya, a non-governmental and nonprofit organization formed to assist protesters, has announced the official closure of all its outlets nationwide.

In an official press release signed by founders Dr. Austin 'JaPrado' Omondi and Dr. Salim M. Ishmael, the team cited the infiltration of peaceful protests by rowdy individuals as a key reason for their decision.

"Medics for Kenya was established as a volunteer group of doctors, nurses, clinical officers, psychologists, nutritionists, paramedics, interns, and students across the country during the #RejectFinanceBill protests that have gripped the nation over the past two weeks.

During this period, we have provided aid to hundreds of patients who were unfortunately injured in various ways.

We also ran an efficient referral system that ensured critically injured patients received life-saving management at various hospitals nationwide.

We received heartwarming donations that allowed us to run this program effectively.

We were well-received on the ground and appreciated by the protesters," part of their official statement read.

The co-founders expressed their deep regret in deciding to withdraw their services, stressing the need to prioritize the safety of their volunteers, who had been working tirelessly to provide first aid and other medical services to Kenyans fighting for their rights.

"With the change in the protest atmosphere and the deployment of unruly individuals, we at Medics for Kenya highly value the lives of our volunteers. As we say in the corridors of hospitals, 'Your Safety Comes First.'

Therefore, it is with much regret and pain that we announce that Medics for Kenya will withdraw their medical camp services nationwide.

This decision has been carefully considered and discussed with various stakeholders, committee members, and volunteers," they stated.

Despite no longer being present on the streets to offer immediate assistance, the medics assured Kenyans they would continue to support them in other ways.

The co-founders mentioned that their emergency hotlines would remain operational and that they would work with hospitals and therapists to provide as much help as possible.

"Our hotlines will remain open, and we will coordinate with various Emergency Response Services, Psychologists, and Referral Hospitals. We would like to thank Crescent Hospital behind Jamia Mosque for their hospitality and services.

Jamia Mosque, All Saints Cathedral, and Holy Family Basilica have shown that humanity transcends religious factions.

Thank you. To Kilimanjaro, Al-Yusra, McFrys, LunchboxKe, and Mugg and Bean, you fed us generously, and may God bless you abundantly.

We want to thank Doctors Without Borders, Red Cross, St. John's Ambulance, and Nairobi City Council for providing their ambulances. To the medics, we lack words.

Risking your lives to save your fellow brothers and sisters is the noblest act bestowed upon man.

You are men and women of valor. Lastly, we want to thank the people for their enormous support and prayers. You are the GOATs.

This is not the last you will hear or see from us. Oh no. We will continue to be involved in various acts of service to you, the People of Kenya, and champion the rights of medics. Our #MedicsForKenya shall rise again. Watch this space. Thank you," the statement concluded.

First Aid Kit illustration
Image: Pinterest