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Once in a while dust off all the stress and anxiety about life and its unending challenges and give yourself a thrilling and an adventurous vacation around the country to ease your mind and body.

Here with us some of the  budget-friendly travel hacks and must-visit destinations your can visit around the country with your family and friends.

Budget-friendly hacks:



Travel During Off-Peak Seasons: Prices for accommodations and attractions are generally lower during the off-peak seasons. In Kenya, this is typically during the rainy seasons (April to June, and October to November).

Use Public Transport: Matatus (minibuses) and buses are the most economical way to get around. For longer distances, consider the SGR (Standard Gauge Railway) which connects Nairobi to Mombasa.

Book in Advance: Plan and book your flights and accommodations early to take advantage of discounts and promotions.

Stay in Hostels or Budget Hotels: There are many affordable lodging options, especially in major towns and cities. Consider staying in hostels, guesthouses, or budget hotels.

Eat Local: Enjoy local cuisine at street vendors or small restaurants (known as “choma zones” or “nyama choma joints”) for a fraction of the price of tourist restaurants.

Travel Light: Save on baggage fees by packing only the essentials. Many budget airlines charge extra for checked luggage.

Use Travel Apps: Apps like Airbnb, Booking.com, and Skyscanner can help you find budget accommodations and flights. For local experiences, apps like EatOut Kenya can help you find deals on dining.

Negotiate Prices: In markets and with local guides, don’t be afraid to negotiate prices. It’s a common practice and can save you a lot of money.

After having your budget written down here are some of the hidden gems you must visit for a more memorable experience:


A small town in northern Kenya, Maralal is the gateway to the Samburu culture and home to the annual Maralal Camel Derby, a unique and exciting event.

Thomson's Falls (Nyahururu Falls)

Located in Nyahururu, these stunning waterfalls are a great stopover for those traveling between Nairobi and the Rift Valley.

Kiboko Bay Resort

Near Kisumu, this hidden gem offers beautiful views of Lake Victoria, luxurious tents, and an opportunity to explore the nearby Impala Sanctuary.


A rock formation near Kisumu with cultural and historical significance to the Luo people. It's a great spot for hiking and learning about local folklore.

Arabuko Sokoke Forest

Near Watamu, this coastal forest is one of the largest and most intact coastal forests in East Africa. It's a biodiversity hotspot, perfect for birdwatching and nature walks.

Ndoto Mountains

Located in northern Kenya, these remote mountains offer breathtaking scenery, hiking opportunities, and a chance to experience the unique culture of the Samburu people.

Mida Creek

A tidal creek near Watamu, Mida Creek is a birdwatcher's paradise and a great spot for kayaking and exploring mangrove forests.

Takawiri Island

Another gem in Lake Victoria, Takawiri Island is known for its white sandy beaches and clear waters. It's a tranquil getaway ideal for relaxation and water activities.


Famous as the training ground for many of Kenya’s top long-distance runners, Iten offers stunning views over the Great Rift Valley and opportunities for hiking and cultural tours.

Crescent Island Game Sanctuary

Located on Lake Naivasha, Crescent Island offers walking safaris where you can get up close to giraffes, zebras, and other wildlife.


A town on the southeastern shore of Lake Turkana, Loiyangalani offers an insight into the life of the El Molo people and stunning views of the Jade Sea.


Known for its adventure sports, Sagana offers white-water rafting, kayaking, and bungee jumping along the Tana River.

Chyulu Hills National Park

These volcanic hills between Amboseli and Tsavo are less visited but offer stunning landscapes, hiking opportunities, and a chance to see wildlife.

Gede Ruins

Near Malindi, the Gede Ruins are the remains of a Swahili town dating back to the 12th century. The site is surrounded by forest and provides a glimpse into Kenya's rich history.

Rabai Cultural Village

Near Mombasa, this village offers an immersive experience into the culture of the Rabai people, one of Kenya’s oldest communities.

Kibale Forest Reserve

A hidden gem in central Kenya, this forest reserve is known for its pristine wilderness and diverse bird species, making it a great spot for birdwatching and nature walks.

Chepkiit Falls

Located a few kilometers from Eldoret International airport. Chepkiit waterfalls offers a full adrenaline adventure, it also offers a ground for team building activities such as football, rock climbing and also hiking.