Marylinda and Rapho

Famous Kenyan content creator Marylinda and her partner Rapho Clints hosted a prestigious and luxurious baby shower yesterday in anticipation of their soon-to-arrive firstborn.

The theme of the party was blue and pink, symbolizing a baby boy and a baby girl respectively.

The event was graced by numerous celebrities including Trisha Khalid, Tiff Dolly, Dem wa Facebook, and Sandra Dacha, among others.


After the celebration, the couple expressed gratitude to all attendees, praising their support throughout their journey into parenthood.

Let's now take a look at how this amazing couple met and their relationship journey so far.

Marylinda and Rapho have been together for four years and are celebrating their anniversary today, marking the time since they first met.


They initially connected on Instagram, where Rapho, mistaking her for Jamaican, made his move.

"At that time, she looked Jamaican, and her hairstyle was on point. She didn't look like she was in Nairobi.

During the Corona period, I saw her posting cotton candy in Dubai, so I decided to shoot my shot," Rapho explained during a live show with Obinna.

Rapho initially didn't envision a serious relationship; he was looking for financial support.

However, they started dating, leading Marylinda to quit her well-paying job in Dubai to be with him.

At that time, Rapho lived in a single room in the slums, and Marylinda adjusted her lifestyle to be with him.

"I returned as if I had gone to his place. No one knew I was in Nairobi for about two months. Ironically,

I had never struggled before, but then I met him, and we started a life, starting to struggle. I was like, 'God, what is this?'" Marylinda recounted.

According to Rapho, Marylinda came into his life as a destiny helper. After a year of dating, Marylinda became pregnant unexpectedly, leading to a miscarriage at eight weeks.

This experience prompted them to plan for their next child carefully, which they are now expecting.

The couple also decided not to follow African naming traditions, believing that the misfortunes they faced in life were somehow connected to their names.

They want to break away from this and ensure a fresh start for their children.

Marylinda and Rapho