Beauty with brains.

Beauty pageants are a major thing in a girl's life, well...for those who are into fairy tale life and stories.

It’s a dream of every girl in the world to be crowned a Miss World in their country. Well if not, the Miss Tourism Kenya would be stated as the second biggest crowning. It receives major entries as ladies embrace every opportunity presented to them to be recognized as the ‘Beauty Queens’ a title that comes with both money and brand endorsements.

Auditions for Miss Tourism Kenya events are primarily organized at Ward, Sub- County, and County levels.

Kenya boasts beautiful landscapes and wildlife, forming the part of beauty, identity, culture and heritage of Kenya well why not get a Beauty to strive and push Wildlife conservation across Kenyan borders.

With finals being held, Sarah Pkyach from West Pokot County was crowned Miss Tourism Kenya at the event which was held on October 14th 2018.