It's finally Friday for those of you without calendars but I figure you already knew that because there is something in the air... Or maybe I am just psyched to be seeing my long lost friend; the weekend.

Anyway, earlier today I got to chill with Shaffie and an interesting conversation came up - apparently, a lot of guys have attire and accessories that they rock on Friday. Maybe I am reading too deep into dress down Fridays.

Anyway, beyond my rumbling, Shaffie Weru was kind enough to let me get a few photos in of his Friday essentials and among them are:

In the photos, you can see an iPhone. That is because being a businessman, this is the easiest way for clients to reach him.

He has a black watch today to match his outfit (he is dressed in all black) and given that we are talking about Shaffie, it had to be a Guess because "He likes the finer the things in life".

The bracelets add flair and a personal touch to his outfit.

And finally, the coup-de-gras, his Land Rover keys. And boy does he love that car.

What are in your Friday essentials for the day?