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Diamond Platnumz is a pro not only when it comes to producing music but also when it comes to selecting women, his taste for women is unmatched.

He hooked up with a Kenyan lass Tanasha Donna but he was later dumped. Well Tanasha is not the first nor the second woman he has dated.

No offense but this dude is a pro but also a dodge as well. While dating Wema Sepetu, he cheated on her by sleeping with her BFF’s Jokate Mwegelo and Penniel Mungilwa.

He is a father of two kids with Zari  - a son and daughter - and he also has a son with Hamisa Mobetto

Below is a list of women he has dated.

  1. Tanasha Donna

She is Kenyan media personality.

2. Zari Hassan

She is known to many as the boss lady ,and is mother to two of Diamond Platnumz’s kids - Nillan and Tiffah.

3. Hamisa Mobetto

She has a son with Diamond named Dayllan

4. Jacqueline Wolper

5. Jokate Mwegelo

6. Upendo Mushi

7. Penniel Mungilwa

8.Wema Sepetu