A photo of a beautiful couple who have decided to stick together against all odds.
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What is love? Can love exist without the constraints of age, finances, body weight, or social status?

Can the purest form of love thrive between a younger man and an older woman?

Most people agree that love implies a potent mix of emotions, behaviors, and beliefs associated with intense feelings of affection, protectiveness, warmth, and respect for another person.

Arguably, the heart wants what it wants, and love doesn't care whether someone is older or younger, but the sad reality is that we often do.

In many cultures, falling in love with someone significantly older or younger than you is not considered acceptable.

However, today's societies are becoming more progressive, and many people accept that love manifests itself in various ways. So, why do people still judge when a younger man dates an older woman?

Living in a third-world country where society carries a negative stigma towards age differences in couples causes individuals in such situations to contemplate their feelings.

That's why when we develop emotions for people outside our age brackets, we often think our feelings are wrong.

Dating an older woman should not be prohibited just because she has more life experience; it doesn't mean you can't stand your ground and know what you're doing.

Don't be dismayed; you've won half of your relationship battles if your goals for the relationship align.

This applies to same-age couples as well; challenges arise when you're not on the same page.

In addition to judging relationships outside our age ranges, society mistakenly assumes that we all age and mature at the same rate.

Furthermore, there's a misconception that maturity comes with age, which is untrue.

Maturity doesn't suddenly appear at the age of 25; it develops as a result of life experiences.

Some mature faster or slower than the average, encountering life's events at different points.

You can have a 30-year-old mindset at 20 or vice versa. Someone doesn't automatically conform to a given status quo just because of their age; age is just a number.

If you've found that special person in your life and feel compatible, don't shy away because of age differences.

Let love work its enigmatic magic. Allow yourself to explore it and watch it flourish as you hope for the best.