Lillian Muli is a woman who has done it all. She has accomplished so much and done accomplished quite alot both in her relationships and personal life aswell as her professional life.

Her relationships haven’t always been the rosiest, having divorced and gone through an acrimonious divorce from her ex-husband Moses Kanene with allegations of spousal abuse aswell as infidelity claims

After Spending Millions On A Wedding And Only Being Married For 7 years Lilian Muli officially dumps Kanene

And when that marriage ended, she even moved on to have a healthy relationship with her ex-husband to the point of amicably co-parenting their son. A fact that was evidenced by Lillian Muli sending Moses Kanene a birthday message.

Lilian Muli Sends Her Ex-husband A Sweet Father’s Day Message, Fans React

And now she is in a relationship with Jared Nevaton, a controversial business mogul so I think Lillian Muli is indeed in a pretty good position to give relationship advice. Which is precisely what she did, explain to her young sisters why they prefer bad boys to the nice guy.