A list surfaced online that purported to have ranked the best rappers of all time in order. What is interesting is that not all the people on everyone’s top 5 list make it to even the top 20.

At number one is Jay Z with Nas and Joe Budden coming in second and third respectively. This has seen some intense debates rage as hip op heads. I am personally upset that they have Lupe Fiasco so far down the list at number 20.

While the names of the people on the list os fine, their placement is off. I mean, I like Joe Budden, I like him alot but to have him above Lupe Fiasco is a travesty. On Twitter, Joe Budden was trending and for the same reason I just mentioned above.

But Joe Budden also had his supporters:

What do you think? Do you agree with the list? Who makes it to your list and who doesn’t?