Youths are also capable of changing the world. Making a difference. Nairobi has s tones of these youths. Among these, there are those who are already impacting society.

Youths such as Elodie are changing the minds of many on issues such as depression. Giving people adequate knowledge on the topic to help them go through it. They open up to the world about their past experiences.

Here is a list of the five most influential youths in Nairobi.

Elodie zone

She is a famous YouTuber who is quite responsive to her audience. Elodie has been interviewed in various media houses. Her youtube videos are often useful to her fans as she covers topics that relate to the youths in society today.

Sean Andrew

The former president’s grandson is quite popular among the youths. His looks are a plus for him, he kinda drives young ladies out here crazy. Sean Andrew has always been on the face of most social media pages. He was also at one point involved with Elodie but they soon broke up.

rue baby

The first daughter to the famous musician and social media personality Akothee. Rue is a model and once a brand ambassador to Nivea. Rue has participated in various modeling competitions And is quite ambitious about her dreams. she just recently celebrated her 22nd birthday.

Shaq the yungin

He is also a YouTube with several videos up his channel. He shares his personal experiences with the world and his adventurous days too.

thee pluto

He is quite the lady killer. An Instagram celebrity who has quite the following, thee pluto is still a student at the Jomo Kenyatta University of agriculture and technology. He has managed to achieve quite a lot. Thee Pluto is a brand ambassador to bolt and viskit.

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