Being pregnant can either make you look your best or your worst. But for most Kenyan female celebrities, being preggy favors them.

Most of these celebrities look ravishing and inspire us to slay our baby bumps.

Janet Mbugua

She looked absolutely amazing when she was pregnant. In 2018, while she was expecting her second child, she did most of it in the limelight. She shared her pregnancy journey with her fans.

Tanasha Donna

Tanasha is no longer together with famous baby daddy Diamond Platnumz, however we did notice she was looking quite a yummy mummy while pregars. She shared most of her images on Instagram and her preggy self was so cute.

Kate Actress

She was glowing throughout her second pregnancy. Her clothes showed off her curves and even mafisi could not stop staring. She announced the birth of her daughter, but to date has not shown the childs face.

Size 8

Size 8, now a mother of Wambo and a four month old baby, has also always looked amazing in her pregnancies. The wife of Dj Mo seems to be much involved in the family business more than in her career. But this decision is paying off for her.

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