As a man, life can get pretty hectic. Curveballs are constantly thrown at you and the last thing you need to be concerned about is how you smell. No one wants to be near the guy that stinks, hopefully, it’s not you. But if you do suffer from some level of body odour here are certain ways you can prevent them from occurring.

  1. Bad breath

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If you do suffer from bad breath you can solve this problem by doing one simple thing. Drink water. Sometimes your breath stinks because you have a dry mouth. This is the perfect breeding ground for bacteria which causes bad breath. Staying hydrated throughout the rest of the day can prevent bad breath. You could also be brushing your teeth improperly. Pay attention to your tongue. Want to know your tongue is dirty look at it in the mirror. If it’s white it’s dirty. Use a tongue scraper. It’ll be more effective than the bristles on your toothbrush. If the odour is still persistent then you might want to go to the dentist and get professional help. You could have a decaying tooth causing your bad breath.

2. Too much cologne

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Applying too much cologne is just as offensive as an unpleasant body odour. Don’t go overboard. Subtly is key, you want to have just enough to make your scent noticeable when someone comes close to you. And having a good scent doesn’t mean going out to buy a body spray. Please! For the love of God throw it away. Go out and get a proper grown man cologne that works best for you.

3. Showering improperly

Listen up jumping into the shower, applying soap on your body and getting out isn’t taking a shower. You need a body scrub (luffa) and a good body wash. Pay attention to the areas that tend to omit most of the body odour like your armpit, privates and feet.

4. Your deodorant/antiperspirant

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There’s an argument to be made about which is best. It’s all based on personal preference. Some may not work for you as effectively as you think. Deodorants are the best for preventing bad odours. Antiperspirants are best for preventing sweat. Some people may suffer from an extreme amount of sweating so they need antiperspirant more. But it does have its downsides. The main ingredient in antiperspirant is aluminium which block the pores. Aluminium has been linked to some health risks like breast cancer and Alzheimer’s disease.

If you do opt to use a deodorant. Try and avoid some ingredients like alcohol and paraben. To be more effective you should switch your deodorant ever six months. Your armpits can become immune to them and be less effective.

5. Dirty clothes

Sometimes you stink because your clothes are dirty. There are some clothes that you can get away with like jeans but your shirts and underwear. Those aren’t meant to be re-worn multiple times without a wash.

6. Your diet

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You are what you eat, that’s just fact. Some foods such as garlic and onion have a nasty effect of tampering with your digestive system releasing some not so pleasant smells when you sweat. Focus more on having green leafy vegetables in your diet. They act as organic detoxifiers and help improve your natural scent.

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