Anerlisa Muigai is a woman with expensive taste no doubt.

She is a CEO to one of the biggest water company in Kenya Nero Company Ltd and Keroche Breweries heiress. No doubt she is in the monies deep.

Just to make that clear, she has decided to award her hard work with a Sh5million car. She was not going to be riding in a car that does not give her the respect she requires.

Anerlisa took a picture standing in front of a  Range Rover Velar and captioned:

Just got back home from a very Unsuccessful meeting, oh well there is always next time 🤝

The Velar is not the only car we could spot in Anerlisa’s home garage. There was a Mercedes which from the front looks like a CLS model and another Range Rover. Daymn sister!

The Velar cost her at least 5million because it ranges from ksh5 million to 7 million.

‘I knew Anerlisa even before they met’ Harmonize calls out Ben Pol

ksh4,960,000, which is about $5,000 less than the average base price for a new vehicle in this class. The Velar tops out at some ksh7,400,000 for the R-Dynamic HSE trim.


This is not the only expensive thing she owns. She just got a ring from Ben Pol that costs ksh 4 million and he also bought her a Samsung Galaxy S10+ which cost ksh100,000. Let’s not forget the many shoes and wigs she always has on.

Clearly, this water business is financing Anerlisa’s quite well.

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