Ali Kiba’s wife is not quite ready to go back into her pocket. The lass who has prior to all this drama been content to remain silent and let her man be the only one seen, has been rather vocal the past few days.

Who can blame her? I mean really, her marriage was under the microscope of Tanzanian tabloids and it did have quite alot of fodder to keep their machinery turning for more than a couple weeks.

Ali Kiba’ wife Amina Khalef Kiba finally responds to divorce rumours

I can marry upto 4 women Ali Kiba responds to claims he is cheating

Ali Kiba has said his piece and gone on with his peace but Amina Kiba wants you to know they are alright now. She is alright now. And my word is she glowing -or maye it’s the filters. Whatever the case may be, check her out below: