Her body is snatched in ways we can’t even start to explain because we really don’t know what Lillian Muli is doing to get her body back in shape.

6 months ago she gave birth to her second baby Liam. Now, what we didn’t know is that Lillian did not have a normal delivery, but rather had a CS (Cesarean Section).

Lillian Muli


You might look at her and think that she had an easy time shedding baby fat, but it was quite a hustle because healing from CS is difficult and one must be careful.

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Taking to social media, she adviced women who’ve undergone CS to be extra careful because the healing process takes a while.

Lillian Muli

I had a CS my Baby will be turning 6 months next week. Losing my tummy has been a struggle because after a cesarean section you have to be careful not to hurt yourself as the healing process takes a while. I’m excited the Doctor says I can now go full out. @vinitaotieno and I are excited that you too will be a part of this; COMING SOON.

Lillian has always had a banging body even before giving birth and from the look of things, she is maintaining the same and serving us with nothing but sauce.

Check her post baby photos;

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