Vanessa Mdee’s Birthday was in July and with all her crazy fans wishing her happy birthday, it was a warm day for her.

Well, little did we know there is a secret fan who had not revealed himself. When July was here, he posted a very sexy photo of Vanessa with the caption, “Happy birthday Khausa ❤️.’

Of course, this got the attention of many people with questions like why the love heart? Kwani Runtown knows Vanessa Mdee, like that? What is going on between the two? People went into the comment section and had so much to say.

Ifeanyi: Aww @vanessamdee @runtown

Mavvill: Every super woman issa super man !!

She went on to acknowledge the post and this is now what grabbed all our attention with questions.

She replied, “Thanks babe 💜.”

This was not the only thing that made us doubt their ‘relationship’. The hit song Kisela made it to the charts only because of Runtown. She posted on her Instagram to acknowledge his effort to help her release the song.



She wrote, “Remember that time we almost shelved #Kisela and you talked some Sound god sense into us? I owe you. More Life, More EVERYTHING Dera 🎊🎉🎊🎉💜 @runtown.”

This was a very intimate message regarding her big success. It did not end there though, Runtown’s reply is what made fans raise their eyebrows even higher…

Vanessa Mdee

He replied, “Love you baby 😘😘.”

This leaves us wondering has Vanessa Mdee already replaced Juma Jux?

Vanessa Mdee