Nairobi is too hot these days and some of us are just plain tired, but nothing can be done, right.

But in the midst of all this, there are always solutions to such kinda problems. Sunscreen and hats come in handy and this is where Fena Gitu comes in.

Most of the times when you bump into Fena, she’ll be rocking a really cool hat and that’s just Fena’s style.

Fena Gitu/ Instagram

We once had a chat a while back and she confessed that she’s obsessed with baseball hats, hence spotting her in them almost all the time.

Truth be told, she really looks good in them and from her photos, all colours work for her.

If you are a lover of hats, pick a leaf or two from Fena’s hat tree;

Like A Boss: Fena Gitu/ Instagram
It’s a sunny day. She’s not about the sunburn life: Fena Gitu/ Instagram
How about a fluffy hat. Anyone? Fena Gitu/ Instagram
Even on stage, she’s still killing it with that hat: Fena Gitu/ Instagram
I wanna serve some colour because life is beautiful: Fena Gitu/ Instagram
She doing her thing though: Fena Gitu/ Instagram
I will wear a hat even in a meeting because I’m a fenamenal woman: Fena Gitu/ Instagram
Even with a Stetson hat, she’s still killing it: Fena Gitu/ Instagram

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