Nelly Oaks was what many people called Akothee’s handbag even if they tried to convince us he is her manager.

He popped up a few days ago when pictures of the two looking a bit too cozy in bed and the comments were all about how they have made up.

Though Akothee posted the same kind of pictures with a mzungu. We have not confirmed who he is to her, but all we know is they were dressed in robes in a bed together.

Nelly Oaks has been missing in action for months and their make up was clearly very successful because she cannot get enough of him.

For a long time, Akothee has denied dating him but that relationship is clearly much more than work. She even refers to him as her man. In the post she was serving him juice.

Akothee causes drama after walking into parliament in a short skirt

The madam boss is now making major business moves from being an ambassador of so many big brands and from the pictures they are posting, she has incorporated him in the mix.


Last we heard from Akothee, a sex tape was to be released but now her mind is occupied by another man and her plan to fix things with him.

We love to watch a good love story so from Kiss100, all the best Akothee and Nelly.

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