Lulu Hassan and husband Rashid Abdalla are parents to two adorable boys and one of the boys has turned a year older.

Lulu’s oldest son has turned 7 and she couldn’t hide her joy as she took to social media to praise her baby, stating that they just can’t imagine their lives without being parents to the adorable little one.

Before you were born we could never imagine our lives as parents. Now we can never imagine living our lives without being parents to a son as adorable as you. Happy 7th birthday Jibby Jibby..we luv you 😍😍😍😍🗣” Lulu wrote.

All In The Family: Rashid Abdalla and Lulu Hassan co-hosting news is the cutest thing EVER

As much as the two boys have been the only kids in their parents’ lives, that won’t be the case for long as Lulu is expecting her third child. She has played a really good game of hiding her pregnancy but it’s now quite evident that she’s heavily pregnant.

Rashid was not left behind as he too showered his son with nothing but love.

He wrote, “#sisemikitu Maisha yangu uliyapa thamani siku ya kwanza ulizaliwa na baadae ukayapa maisha yangu maana siku ya kwanza uliniita ‘BABA’. Nakuombea Mungu akujalie nuru ya kuishi na watu vizuri bila kujali kabila, dini au tabaka. Heri njema ya siku yako ya kuzaliwa Jibran.”

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