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Lupita Nyong’o doesn’t want to be ‘imprisoned’ by fame.

The 12 Years A Slave star admits it can sometimes being a ‘little weird’ to think that people have such a ‘familiarity’ with her, despite having never met her.

Speaking to Allure magazine’s Culture of Hair issue, she said: ‘What fame does is there is an illusion of familiarity that is cast into the world.

Lupita Nyong’o/ Instagram

‘So it’s about negotiating with that illusion because oftentimes you encounter people who have encountered you, but you haven’t encountered them. It’s a little weird to find your footing.

‘I have to be aware of that possibility, not imprisoned by it. It’s like, how do I find freedom within that awareness?’

It comes after Lupita revealed she has become ‘more familiar’ with herself and Hollywood over the last three years.

She explained: ‘I am more familiar with [this world]. I have my likes and dislikes. I know when I am spreading myself too thin.

Lupita Nyong’o/ Instagram

‘Now I know how many hours I need to sleep. I feel very privileged. [My career] has given me the luxury of choice; I get to choose and work on things I can’t stop thinking about.

‘That is how I choose a project – if I read the script and after I leave it, the character lingers in my head. If I am not terrified of the character, then it is probably not for me.’

And Lupita feels she has a responsibility to promote ethnic diversity in Hollywood.

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