Lynda Nyangweso has admitted that it is a tough world on social media.

Every time she posts a picture on social media she almost always expects trolls which makes her sad for other girls of her generation.

Lynda has struggled with her weight from way back when. She narrates a story of her’s from back in school where she used to eat in the toilet because she did not want to be shamed.

When I was a child I struggled with my weight. I remember I would never eat in public. It became so apparent that people stared at me when i ate so I started eating in the toilet which was so ridiculous

The humiliation became too much she thought the only way out was suicide.

I was set. I was like I am going to kill myself and this is how it is going to happen it is just gonna have to be.

Lynda then added the reason why she never went through with ‘the plan’. When explaining, she shed tears just at the thought of it.

The only reason I did not go with it is because I was afraid my mum would not find a coffin my size. It makes my voice shake because I do not want another girl to go through the same *crying* My sadness is for other girls who are going through the same. and now with the internet, it makes it worse.

‘I always expect people to be mean’ Lynda Nyangweso on trolls

It may hurt her that people are mean to her but her revenge is not obvious.

Kiss FMs Lynda Nyangweso

If I was to sit down with a bully, I would show kindness because that is what I feel is lacking so much in the space that we are in. Stop following people who make you feel bad about yourself even if they do it without knowing it even it about a life you will never achieve, stop following them.

Her parting shot was if you do not like what someone is posting just don’t follow them, it’s easier and peaceful for both you and the one posting.

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