Lynda and her husband Lance came before man and God in holy matrimony 3 years ago.

Since then, she has been living her life as a mother and wife in matrimonial bliss. And although marriage is tough, the two have managed to stick it out in a world where most marriages aren’t worth a damn.

If anyone’s marital story is worthing listening to for inspiration, it would have to be hers.

This would be because when I talk to her about marriage, you can tell that she isn’t delusional about it and has adopted a rather pragmatic view of things.

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She recently celebrated her wedding anniversary and shared some sweet words with her husband. This is what she had to say to him:

6 years in sin. 4 years on paper. 3 years baby daddy. many more years pretending we’re not getting old and boring around each other. happy anniversary @lanceosiro. you’re my person.