Can you imagine having your every action, your every attire, your every move judged by people who prefer to hide in the shadow of anonymity?

And the worst part of all this is that the cowards judging you do not know you beyond the pictures you post of yourself online? The opinions they have do little in way of encouraging themselves but are intended to simply tear you down -never mind they themselves are living lives that can only be described as shambolic.

That is the situation Lynda Nyangweso finds herself in time and again when she posts pictures online. She was recently on holiday enjoying the company of her husband Lance as they celebrated their anniversary and their daughter’s birthday.

Lynda Nyangweso slays on holiday

She addressed her detractors with a rather succinct post showing not only her mental fortitude but also her maturity. Rather than getting into the mud to wrestle the swine, she opted to stay perched on the high road. This is what her post said,



so aparently fat girls shouldn’t swim in actual swimming costumes but should instead wear tents, mumus, the largest sengenge ni wire tshirts, but if they’re feeling really sexy, a whale costume to better suit their bodies lol. so to even out my last few posts, and now that leave kweli inaisha, here’s a picture of me in kitenge that doesn’t show anything. thanks for reminding me my place, I am ashamed again, and I understand now how the Nairobi cold got your panties all bunched up. #sofatsobrave #wifematerial#dontSendSupportmessages#sendFood

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