Machachari Mama Gov

Machachari actress Mama Baha whom I inadvertently “killed” earlier this year has revealed that she had a hell of an evening -straight outta hell. Mama Baha’s day had started off so well wit her living her best life; sewing mats indoors then she went for a swim.

That was when things started going awry. According to Mama Baha whose real names are Wanjiku Mburu she ended up feeling like some pain was creeping up her tummy. What followed was a night of horror as her doctor ended up telling her she was in critical condition.

Check out what Mama Baha had to say about the night that was:

Today,was an ordinary day.spent the day in doors sewing my mat…you know pretty ordinary day.later in the evening went for swimming and did my 100 laps then went home and prepared for the night, pajamas and all…cut to around 9pm I felt weird in my stomach and decided to go to hospital for a quick check only to be admitted..yaani life changes in an instant and thank God I listened to my body because according to the doctor I am critical..sigh.
But who’s report will the believe, I am going to believe the report of the lord.
P.s my 1st time admitted