Chipukeezy and Eric Omondi

It’s good to start the year with laughter and what a better way to get that than from the biggest comedians in town, Chipukeezy and Eric Omondi.

The funny guys have decided to take comedy to another new level, and I’m not talking about one man shows.

Eric Omondi is known for re-enacting music videos that in turn has seen his popularity grow all over Africa, where he adds a dose of funny antics in the songs, managing to capture the audiences who’re bored with the usual stand up comedy.

Eric Omondi and Chipukeezy

The former Churchill comedian left the popular show a few years back as a solo comedian and from the look of things, it was a wise move and he has never looked back since then.

Omondi become one of the most renowned comedians in the continent and has performed on big stages with the likes of Nigeria’s Basketmouth and top Ugandan comedienne Anne Kansiime.

On the other hand, Chipukeezy has made a name for himself in the competitive industry and with time he decided to follow suit, leaving Churchill’s comedy show to join his partner in crime by performing solo and has since also received major ambassadorial deals and even become a co-host on Kiss FM radio.


Now the two realized that working together could be a give them a better advantage and I have to say it was worth it, as they make such a good team. A few weeks ago, the duo released a new video dubbed Haiwezi, a refix of Timmy Tdat’s popular song Inaweza.

KALI SANA! Eric Omondi and Chipukeezy Take Shots At Socialites In Hilarious “Haiwezi” Music Video

The two are not done, and this time they decided to work on renditions of a movie, and their first one is the popular South African film, The Gods Must Be Crazy, which was the only commercially successful release in the history of the country’s film industry.

In the re-invention video the two crazy and daring comedians dress up only in animal skin flaps, which only covers a part of their groin and posterior with a bow and arrow, just like in the original movie.


The re-enactment tells the story of two friends who go out to hunt for food for their family in the wild, and two two have already received positive feedback and comments from the fans.

Well, don’t be left behind, check out the hilarious video below, Chipu and Eric Omondi nailed it!

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