Magix Enga has been on the receiving end of Tanzanian wrath following his move to have Harmonize’s song Uno taken off Youtube for the crime of copyright infringement.

Magix Enga pulls down Harmonize’s song, Uno, over stolen beat

The issue began when Magix Enga, a Kenyan producer who was behind the hit song Dundaing, accused the Tanzanian artiste and Konde Music Worldwide founder of stealing his beat to make his own jam.

And Magix Enga attempted to reach out to Harmonize via DM and he even just started tagging Harmonize outright on his posts complaining about the same.

Harmonize’s Konde Music Worldwide management team respond to Magix Enga pulling down Uno

And while the management team at Konde Music Worldwide have addressed the fact that Uno was pulled down, they have not addressed Magix Enga personally.

And Tanzanians have taken it upon themselves to let Magix Enga know what they think and it has driven the talented producer to make his account private seeking some reprieve.