Last week, Harmonize and Magix Enga were at war over a beat Magix claims was stolen to create the song Uno.

He created a beat for the famous club banger, Dundaing where he featured King Kaka and Kristoff and from his words, creating a beat is not easy.

Magix raised his concern saying,

@harmonize_tzNakuona sana bro 💪🏽🇰🇪 Dundaing Refix @thekingkaka @kristoffmwb 🍾🍾🍾 4M Views on YouTube

Magix issued Konde Boy with a seven day notice to reach out to him or else he will pull it down. A week later, he fulfilled his threat and the video was not available on YouTube.

Harmonize is a big deal in East Africa so this was bringing trouble for him as a brand. The news spread so fast and Tanzania’s were against the beat king.

Magix Enga pulls down Harmonize’s song, Uno, over stolen beat

TID, the famous Tanzania legend artiste, spoke in an interview with Bongo Five on the current beef. He made it clear that Magix is only looking for clout using that as a story.

“I do not agree with that. I believe that is just greed and jealousy seeing as Harmonize is making it in the music industry. I have heard the story of that producer I know him but he is mistaken because we’ve never heard of such a song by him. We have also not heard of this beat being successful it is only up until Harmonize released his song.

So this kid Magix Enga is someone with a cold heart. He does not want others to prosper he has so much hate in his heart. He is looking for ways to create a name for himself but he is doing it the wrong way.” TID Shouts

Magix Enga bullied by Tanzanians, forced to make his account private

TID got so angry, and threatened to take action should Magix Enga visit Tanzania.
TID added,

How many beats have been sampled in the world? He is just a jealous guy and if he decides to create a song of that beat it will never be as successful as Uno.

I am warning him if he comes to Tanzania we will beat you up. You cannot come to Tanzania after ruining Harmonize’s name and expect me to work with you. he has disrespected us so much. Young man take care.

Earlier today, Uno by Harmonize is back on YouTube. I do not know if the threats worked or if he was paid off by the Konde Gang CEO.

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