Harmonize was given one last warning by Magix Enga to pull down his latest song, Uno or reach out to him and if e does not adhere, he will pull down the song.

Well, the day is here, the video by Harmonize is down but the audio is still on YouTube.

‘I am giving you 1 week to take down the song’ Magix Enga sends Harmonize a warning

Harmonize’s first and latest song under Konde Boy Gang/ Konde Music Worldwide, UNO was highlighted two weeks ago as a stolen beat by the Kenyan beat king.

He created a beat for the famous club banger, Dundaing where he featured King Kaka and Kristoff. It is not easy coming up with a beat that will be accepted wholeheartedly by fans.

Magix Enga took to social media to announce ‘his victory’ saying,

1 Week Imeisha and The song Uno is no longer on YouTube Don’t sample magix enga Beats I repeat dont! Like I said i’m not going to allow this to happen not in 254 🇰🇪

Harmonize has never spoken about this whole drama though, from the beat king’s WhatsApp, he tried texting him.



I guess now that sh*t got real, he will probably reach out and speak about it because he really worked hard to build his brand now that he is under new management, Konde Gang.

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