Harmonize seems like he slowly working his way up to becoming a politician.

He releases a song to praise Magufuli in August for his good work and the various developments he has managed to kick off in Tanzania. He even referred to him as ‘daddy’ saying he is the president of the oppressed.

The song scooped 3.9 million views and fans now say come 2020 they will give Harmonize their vote.

Magufuli is also in the same category, he said that he appreciated Harmonize and he would want him to vie for a seat as the Tandahimba MP.

where does he come from? Tandahimba? Who is the MP there? Then I would love for him to be the MP for Tandahimba because I applaud his good job

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Just like Kenya, political seats in East Africa will be full of celebrities. We have heard of Bobi Wine from Uganda and now Harmonize from Tanzania. They will be joining the likes of Jaguar from Kenya.


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