This is getting serious. Ladies have always been criticized for wearing makeup. Some people think that women tend to hide their true identity, others say its because are insecure. And the list goes on.

But what happens when men wear make up. The society tends to point fingers, many claiming they might be gay or bisexual. But I’ll leave y’all to it.

Former Tusker Project Fame contestant Hemedi Suleiman, popularly known as Hemedy PhD, is currently the talk of the town after he revealed that he will not stop wearing makeup. Hemedy, who has been applying make up for quite sometime, said that makeup makes him look attractive and that beauty products are not meant for women only.



The Tanzanian musician further revealed that he uses powder, lip-shines, and perfumes and he only uses these products while he is working, just to differentiate his looks while at home and work.



“Sitaacha kujiremba kwa sababu kujiremba siyo kwa wasichana tu hata wanaume tunatakiwa tujipake vipodozi, kama powder na lipshine zinasaidia kuongeza mvuto na mwonekano nadhifu zaidi, mimi ni star natakiwa niishi kistaa hivyo vipodozi ni kitu cha kawaida. Mara nyingi vipodozi navitumia nikiwa katika kazi zangu ili nionekane tofauti nyumbani na kazini hivyo nasisitiza kwamba siwezi kuacha kupaka vipodozi kwa kuogopa maneno ya watu.”

Loosely translated to:

“I will not stop using makeup because beauty products are not only meant for women, we should put on makeup, too. I use products such as powder and lipshine to help increase the attractiveness and make visibility smarter. I am a star and I’m supposed to live like a star; it’s common. I often use cosmetics in my work to appear different at home and at work, so I insist that I cannot stop wearing makeup just because people talk bad.”

There you have it. If you’ve got a problem at this point, you might as well just take it and swallow it.