In another episode of keeping up with the Dangotes, Diamonds mother is done with bae.

Mama Diamond appeared to make a brutal dig at her Ben 10, saying it’s over.

Mama Dangote was responding to a fan who had noticed she no longer posts his pictures.

Someone asked her where Uncle Shamte was and she did not hesitate to answer they have broken up. The person asked;

Uncle shamte yuko wapi

and she answered;


With Tanasha Donna leaving the Dangote family, Uncle Shamte follows right behind her. The reason for the split isn’t clear, probably a difference of opinions and that sorta thing.

Leaked! Picture of Diamond’s mother, Mama Dangote in bed with her boyfriend

Diamond and his family are known to love drama. Tanasha deleted Diamonds pictures from her Instagarm after learning he was cheating on her, clear proof that she has officially walked out of Diamond’s life.

Likewise, Uncle Shamte and Mama Dangote are no longer flooding their social media pages with relationship goal pictures of themselves. For some reason, she is totally okay and not in any way brooding in a heartbreak situation.

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