Flaqo is an online Kenyan comedian who has been leaving his fans in stitches.

He is truly a funny man. He acts mostly in the characters of ‘Otis’ and ‘Mama Otis’

But recently, he shared a video where Mama Otis came and found Otis masturbating.This was funny to some of his fans but some were disgusted.

He captioned,

Adolescence experiments😂😂Otis akifungua hiyo blanket,i dnt know😂😂💔💔..wat should he do?? (Disclaimer:You will feel embarrassed watching this 😂😂)

Flaqo (Mama Otis)

Well, he later addressed the video saying that he was only portraying what is happening in the society and thanked his fans for rebuking it. He said he was only using art to pass across a message

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