His character met a grisly end during the Battle of Winterfell in the third episode of the final season of Game Of Thrones.

And the sadistic Night King has been unmasked as hunky Slovakian stuntman-turned-actor Vladimir Furdik, who has previously appeared in blockbusters Skyfall and Thor: The Dark World.

Gone are the eerie prosthetics and chilling CGI blue eyes, as the handsome star, 48, shows off chiselled features and classic good looks on his Instagram page.

Giving a glimpse into his evil Game of Thrones role – which he has played since season six, the star is seen in make-up covered in dove grey prosthetics and posing up with co-stars Gwendoline Christie and Kristofer Hivju.

Showing he is nothing like his ruthless on-screen alter-ego, Vladimir is seen enjoying an icecream before filming a battle scene and adorably kissing a horse on the nose.

The Night King was previously played by Welsh actor Richard Brake in seasons four and five.

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Vladimir’s first Hollywood break was in The Three Musketeers in 1993, starring Charlie Sheen and Kiefer Sutherland.

Here are the photos of Vladimir when he is not playing the dreaded Night King.

– Daily Mail