Don’t we all want to be associated with Eliud Kipchoge in any way possible right now?

When he was practising to beat his own record, he had few friends and family in his life but now, people have gone the extra mile to make sure there is a form of association to the INEOS159 challenge winner.

One lady claimed she is carrying his child and today, one BroBox has released a song to praise ‘his cousin’ for a job well done. Yap this man has come out to say he is Eliud Kipchoge’s cousin.

Just yesterday, Huddah was willing to present herself as a specimen to gauge the marathon runners game in bed. Here is what she said:

Huddah Monroe challenges Eliud Kipchoge to a bedroom marathon

Eliud Kipchoge has made history by being the first human to run a marathon in under two hours. Kipchoge crossed the finish line in 1:59:40.

Here is BroBox bragging to be Kipchoge’s cousin in his song, My Cousin:

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