Eric Omondi is not doing too well it would seem. His friend (?) Joe Muchiri revealed this rather inadvertently on social media when he commented on Chantel Grazioli’s thirst trap photo.

Eric Omondi who? Chantel moves on to enjoy summer

I guess we finally have an answer as to who dumped whom… The thing about break-ups is that when you get older, you learn to make them as “amicable” as possible and promise to remain friends. However, we are human beings and the way relationships end is a zero-sum game: someone has to be hurt.

Joe Muchiri actually tagged Eric Omondi on the post, perhaps signalling no ill intent but I feel that if he knows that Eric Omondi is drinking alot and he is concerned for his well being, he should have instead picked up the DAMN PHONE and called him.

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Anyway, his post was succinct and read;


@ericomondi is drinking too much buana 🤣🤣

All I know is that wouldnae be me. No way in hell any of my friends would air out my issues like this on a public platform. The lads and I deal with our issues internally.

But in case you too are dealing with a broken heart, here’s how you can deal with all that in a healthy proactive way:

#1. Accept that it has happened

You’ve been hurt and you feel sad. That is normal and you need to accept what is happening. Don’t lie to others, and yourself, by saying “I’m fine” when you are not. You may be able to push it down for a while, but something else will bring it up again, and you’ll be worse off because you weren’t honest with yourself.

#2. Remember that it is okay to feel sad
You felt for that person immensely so it is only natural that you will feel sad. Allow yourself some time to feel sad and mourn the loss of what was.
#3. Cry
If you are female, cry. If you are male, lock yourself in a dark room and allow yourself 5 minutes of yelling all the profanities your tongue can muster then exhale and move on. This will allow you to expel all your negative thoughts.
#4. Examine your relationship and what led to its demise
Be honest in your introspection and see what role you had to play in the ending of your relationship.
#5. Forgive and forget
Allow yourself the peace of forgiving yourself of all the mess you wrought in your previous relationship and forgive your partner for feeling they can do better than yourself.
If you are a guy, hit the gym, get swole AF! If not, then focus on being the best possible version of you that can ever exist. Focus on a hobby or making money. Life moves on and in due time, so will you.
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