Kiss 100 Fm’s presenter Chito Ndhlovu has a segment for men called Man up dealing with issues affecting the men.

In the last segment, he discussed men grooming and how they should talk.

Dapper Brother started off by saying that a man should dress in a respectable manner depending on the occasion.

Dress code matters a lot because people respect you more on the way you put on clothes.

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How is a man supposed to talk?

Well, one of the things that is supposed to be there in a conversation is respect for one another. You should not address people the way you think you are supposed to, but at least try and sieve the words you speak in front of people.

Do not make people feel disrespected by what you are talking about. said Dapper the Brother.

In the discussion, Chito Ndhlovu asked why it is hard for men to use the golden words (Please, sorry and thank you),

Dapper the Brother said; “People who do no not use those words, do not show gratitude.

Personally I use those words.”

Listen to the whole conversation;

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