It seems like Valentine is coming a month early for the controversial singer Akothee, who without doubt has a secret lover or better still a benefactor.

Just recently, she posted a love letter she received, although she hid the identity of the sender. In the letter, it is well stated that the two have been in a relationship for one year now. Could this just be the old Mzungu Akothee was supposed to get married to?


Just last year, the Djele Djele hit-maker cancelled her wedding few days to the big day. She, however, refuted claims that it was her sponsor who had instead cancelled the wedding.

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The mother of five recently wished her Mzungu baby daddy a happy birthday in her social media which brought a lot of attention from her fans. The musician who has recently been singing about sponsors is well known for her African style songs among them Benefactor and Yuko Moyoni.

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The two songs have seen Akothee talk about sponsors which have evidently hit the headlines. We all view sponsors or benefactors for that matter as big-belled old men in flashy cars.

That is just what Akothee is trying to let her fans know about her life and especially that of her baby daddies.

Here is the love letter to Akothee from her sponsor;





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